The Mustard Seed

Wild White Mustard (Sinapis alba)Image via Wikipedia

The parable of the mustard seed is taught in Sunday Schools everywhere. At first glance, it has a simple meaning, but if you look closer, you can find 3 very interesting lessons from this parable.

  1. The first lesson that I was taught – said that you only had to have a tiny bit of faith and you could move a mountain with it.
  2. As years went by, that changed somewhat into – if you have faith as tiny as a mustard seed, it will grow into a faith that can move a mountain.
  3. More recently, many Bible scholars have said that the mustard plant of Jesus’ day was considered to be a weed that could multiply without being sown, and could become a threat to other crops wherever it sprung up. The hardy mustard seed would continue to come up for up to 60 years.


You can pull it out of the ground or mow it down, but the seed remains and another mustard plant will grow in the spring.

So is this good thing or a bad thing?

Always look for the hidden meaning in parables.




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